Montmorency leadership day

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On the 5th of July, we went to montmorency secondary college. We learnt about leadership.

My favourite activity was international jewel heist. There are two teams, cops and robbers. There are also chairs. They alternate between facing forward and backwards. The cops sit in the chairs except one cop, which will be standing, waiting to catch the robber. The robber can run in and out of the chairs, but the cops must go around. If a robber is on the opposite side of the chairs, the cop can touch a chair facing opposite of the cop and send another cop to catch the robber. The game keeps going until all robbers are caught.

it was a great day and I learnt a lot about leadership qualities.






How to tie your shoelaces


1. Grab the left lace with the left hand and the right lace in the right hand.

2. Cross them so one lace is over the other lace.

3. Grab the end of the lace at the top and put it underneath the triangle shape made by the cross.

4. Now pull it out from the top of the triangle shape.Pull the two laces apart to tighten them.

5. Grab the end of the right lace and pinch the front and the back so it makes a loop. Grab the end of the left lace and wrap it around the loop.

6. Now make a smaller loop at the front of the lace and put it through the small hole you created. Pull both loops to tighten.